Lost: Lighthouse

Lost: Lighthouse

23 Comments 23 February 2010

Another week, another Lost. Says the always loquacious ABC: Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission, and Jin stumbles across an old friend. Unspecified mission, eh? Old friend, eh?

This week’s pre-ep discussion is being brought to by the letters K and Z (won’t you give her a follow on Twitter?), who sent along this nice little link. Interesting bit about the dads all being nice on Earth-X instead of total assholes.

And here’s a thought. Everyone refers to Smoke Monster Locke as The Man in Black. This is the central antagonist in Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series. Interesting…

Things I learned from Lostpedia:

  • The title of this episode, “The Substitute”, has multiple meanings. It refers to the choice the characters must make, to become a substitute for Jacob or not; John Locke becoming a substitute teacher; Locke’s body on Ajira 316 substituting for Christian’s on Oceanic 815; MIB taking Locke’s form as a substitute for his previous one; etc.
  • The question Locke is asked in his interview as to what animal he identifies with, is one of the interview questions purportedly used by DHARMA as shown in the Mysteries of the Universe.
  • In the new timeline, Locke’s socks are white, in the original timeline, they were black.
  • After purportedly burning down in the Statue’s fire, Jacob’s body left a pure white ash.
  • Jacob’s Ladder: Sawyer and the Man in Black descend “Jacob’s Ladder” and arrive at a cave formerly inhabited by Jacob. A Jacob’s Ladder has significance in both the Jewish and Christian religions, having many interpretations, among them that it is a bridge between heaven and earth. Saint John Climacus (also known as John of the Ladder) wrote a book called “Ladder of the Divine Ascent” which uses Jacob’s Ladder as an analogy for the ascetic life. It is frequently read by Orthodox Christians during the Lent season before Easter. The episode “The Substitute” aired the night before the start of non-Orthodox Lent (Ash Wednesday) (which does not coincide with Orthodox Great Lent).
  • The Man in Black shouts, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” at the mysterious kid in the jungle. A phrase the real Locke said frequently.
  • More good stuff at Lostpedia.

I’ll update tonight or tomorrow with some thoughts on tonight’s episode. Hope it’s as good as last week’s.


  • The flash-sideways involves Jack. Interesting. The order of flash-sideways(es?) this season are matching up with the order of the first season.
  • Jack has an appendix scar he doesn’t remember getting. Will his two consciouses merge at some point?
  • Jack has a son who’s wearing a goofy Jack wig. Awesome.
  • Who else thought that Jack’s kid was going to say he was listening to Drive Shaft?
  • “You have what it takes.” Apparently Jacob and Jack knows what that means but I don’t. Someone help me.
  • Ew, Claire’s creepy fake bay-bee.
  • This whole Claire thing is ridiculous. The way she looks. The way she acts. It’s like a soap opera. And not even a respectable one. It’s like Passions.
  • I bet Jack’s kid is upset about inheriting ridiculous hair from his dad. It could have been worse–he could have inherited his fake beard from the first flash-forward episode.
  • Oh, a lighthouse. Right, the episode title. A beacon. What other literary beacons or warning lights are there in this episode?
  • Why did this Other think it was a good idea to say ANYTHING to a psycho chick with an axe after she just received incredibly upsetting news? He was pretty much asking to get Shining-ed like that.
  • How is samurai Other (Dogen) alive on Earth-X without the healing powers of the island? Wasn’t he like, on the slave ship and hence really old?
  • This lighthouse is goofy. The names of all the candidates are on it and the mirrors like show that person’s life or something? Come on. That’s a little too fantasy for me. I miss the scientific stuff they used to have on this show. Bring back Dharma.
  • Looks like Benjamin Linus is at 117 degrees. They’re going to 108, which I can’t quite make out. Wattaze? Wahaze? In any event it’s crossed out. All the names match up to their assigned numbers on the underside of the rock though.
  • I see Nguyen listed. That narrows it down to about 20 million Vietnamese people. Moorhead- That never gets old. Lostpedia is going to have a field day with all these names. I wonder how many philosophers are listed.
  • Could you put a more destructive group of people on an island together? Giving them bad news or upsetting them is such a recipe f or disaster.
  • Smocke is Claire’s mystery buddy. Creepy.

Well that’s the episode. Pretty good I thought, but I hate all this non-scientific mumbo jumbo stuff. I guess I’m more Jack than Locke.

Your Comments

23 Comments so far

  1. CCap says:

    That is a nice little link.
    Smocke. Ha!

  2. JDub says:

    So do you think this going to be a Hurley episode or a Jin episode?

  3. CCap says:

    I thought it was a good ep, but not as awesome as last week’s.

    Jack with a son!?

    Kinda seeming more like each side is recruiting for a battle or something, right? Smocke is working on Sawyer and Claire (oh crazy, crazy Claire), and Jacob is working on Jack and Hurley.

    I like how Claire didn’t think of Smocke as being John Locke at all….

    I should check out Lostpedia for a refresher – but what was it that Hurley said to Jack that made him want to follow him so bad? Was it something that Jack had said to his son in sideways-land, or something else?

    That’s one nutty lighthouse.

    • Roark says:

      Hurley said something like, “You have what it takes.” Referencing what Jack later says in the other reality about his dad always saying he didn’t have what it takes.

      • Brian says:

        I can no longer tell when they’re referencing a previous episode or just being mysterious. I assume this is a case of the latter, where we were supposed to be like, “oh I wonder what that means?” as opposed to “oh I wonder when that was mentioned before?”

        • JDub says:

          In Jorge garcia’s podcast, Geronimo jack’s beard, he said that jack’s dad’s ghost said that to jack in the first season when jack was chasing him.

  4. Roark says:

    Man, Claire sure was axing that Others guy a lot of questions.

    Zing bang!

  5. Roark says:

    People online are saying it said Wallace at 108. That name doesn’t mean much. Maybe it was all just a ploy to get Jack in there to bust up the mirrors. But everyone else has a significant number, so why not whoever is 108? I’m hoping somehow it ends up being our man Desmond. He’s the only one who was drawn to the island who’s not there now. And he needs to get on the show pronto anyways. Or maybe it could be Widmore but that would be a little too crazy.

    Lighthouse is light, the cave was dark, like Jacob and Smocke. Maybe those were both their bases, they both have their own versions of lists… And for your comment about other warning lights Brian, there was the message light on the answering machine…

    I don’t think there was any evidence that Samurai was on the Black Rock, just speculation. What’s weird about these temple Others is like, these are the same Others as Ben right? But Ben’s Others wore polo shirts and lived in the old Dharma compound. These guys wear rags and hang out at the temple. How does Richard fit in, and what is the org chart with Samurai and Ben and stuff? They just seem like two completely different groups.

    • Brian says:

      I feel like at some point the Others maybe split? And some moved into the Dharma camp and others moved into the temple? I dunno. Whatever happened to the other island? I heard Sawyer was going to go back there at some point this season…

  6. CCap says:

    Of fuck me. I wrote, like, an entire essay just to have ie crap out on me.
    I’m not writing it again.

    Key points:
    1) I think this episode was the 108th one.

    2) I remember way back when we were led somehow to believe the polo-shirted Others were faking being all raggedy. Mr. Friendly had his fake beard, and I think at the end of season 1 or 2 they had set up all sorts of fake stuff for some sort of fake-ass ceremony? Little help here? Anyway, I remember before thinking the others were pretending to be, like, less civilized and then we found out they lived in houses and used blenders and shit. Clearly that is not the case, because that temple seems legit, and those dudes seem legitimately dirty.

    3. I like the light house vs. dark cave idea. However, didn’t Smocke say that the cave was Jacob’s? Or at least that was Jacob’s writing on the wall? Not that i really believe Smocke anyhow.

    4. Don’t you guys think Claire over-re-axed-ed when she killed that Other dude?

  7. CCap says:

    BTW, how quick did Samurai Dude learn to enjoy speaking English? He can’t get himself enough of that language! He loves it!

  8. JDub says:

    Jack’s son looked like a young McLovin.

    When did Jack learn that Claire was his sister?

    • Brian says:

      Did Jack ever know that Claire was his sister? He certainly never acted like an uncle to Aaron.

      • CCap says:

        Des was asking the same thing last night. I was almost positive that he found out at some point, but of I course I can’t remember when.

        Had to look it up on Lostpedia:
        “But Jack and Kate soon learned of the connection between Jack and Claire from Claire’s mother Carole, resulting in Jack distancing himself from Aaron out of guilt.”

  9. JDub says:

    I have a theory regarding Jacob and Man in black: what if they both can be frozen as a certain person if the other person dies. Thus man in black is now stuck as Locke because Jacob died when he was Locke. Jacob has remained Jacob and not changed shape because at one point he was in jacob’s form when the man in black died.

    Also maybe when they are stuck as a person, that is their only opportunity to then leave the island, as Jacob could leave but man in black was trapped on the island. Now that man on black is stuck as Locke, he seems to think that he can now leave.

    Ps. That was really hard to type out from my phone.

  10. Patrick says:

    As someone who grew up watching All My Children, As the World Turns, Guiding Light and Young and the Restless, I can vouch for Passions as a respectable soap opera.

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