Lost: Recon

Lost: Recon

5 Comments 16 March 2010

ABC says: Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission.

Does ABC pay their writers by the letter or something? Jesus. Anyway, it’s time for Sawyer’s adventures on Earth-X.

Says Lindelof on Twitter: Recon. Verb. To con again.

Oh yeah, the image used for this post is modified Eric Tan artwork. He is the shit.

Previously on Lost:

  • On the wall of Principal Reynolds’s office there is a large photograph of what appears to be a scenic shot of the island.
  • Flash-sideways Ben changes the oxygen tanks in order to keep his father alive, in contrast to the original timeline Ben, who uses poison gas to kill him.
  • In the original timeline, Ben sacrifices his daughter to maintain his power. In the flash-sideways timeline, he sacrifices his aspiration for power to save Alex, who is not his daughter, but a protegé.
  • (BTW, was I the only one a little creeped out by Ben’s “affection” for Alex?)
  • Ben and Richard stand apart and opposite from the group reuniting at the beach when viewed through the periscope of the submarine, Richard dressed in dark tones and Ben in a light colored shirt.
  • More goodies.

Until later…

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5 Comments so far

  1. How did you modify great artist Eric Tan’s mural work? I saw the original and enjoy. Please give a step by step instruction of your process.

  2. CCap says:

    Once again, I feel like there are less and less questions abound this season.

    Sawyer is the man, though. It was cool to see his sideways ep. I hope he’s a quick learner if he’s gonna try to pilot a submarine out of there. Or I suppose he could just hold a gun to the sub-captain’s head.

    Oh, and do you think Smocke sees through what Sawyer’s trying to do? He seems pretty all-knowing.

    Is Widmore gonna turn out to be a good guy?

    • Brian says:

      Episode ends and Jason goes, “Uh, did anything even happen?” Answer: not really.
      I thought James’ story was boring on Earth-X and nothing really happened on the island. Definitely a filler episode.
      Do I think Smocke sees through Sawyer? Possibly. Do I think he’s all-knowing? No. He does get killed from time to time.
      Will Widmore be a good guy? I don’t think so. Can anyone anti-Desmond be good?
      Speaking of, when can we get Desmond back? Where the hell is he, anyway? Did he get killed by Ben?

      • Roark says:

        Widmore seems like he is against Smocke, which means he is with Jacob and Ben (at least in the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend sense). I guess Widmore and Ben were on the same side before Ben screwed Widmore over. But maybe Widmore didn’t want to go back to get Ben, but to fight Smocke.

        One thing I have been wondering about is that last season during one of the time skips, they (I forget who exactly) end up in the ‘future’ and they hop in a couple of dugout canoes, and then some other people in canoes who we don’t see start shooting at them. I was wondering when we were going to see that from the other perspective, and with the appearance of the canoe last night, it seems like it might be soon.

        Some stuff I have been reading has been speculating that there is no point in the flash sideways because it is an alternate reality and therefore has no impact on the island reality–unless at some point the realities join back up and the island people retain some memory of the alternate reality or something like that. Some people have been speculating that what we saw at the premiere (when Kate woke up in a tree, etc.) was actually that moment when the realities came back together, and the audience just doesn’t know that yet. But I think that means that the island people now would have the memories of the other reality, so you would think Sawyer would have talked to Miles about when they were partners, for example. There’s too much time travel with the individual characters for me to work out how much sense that theory makes, but it’s interesting to think about at least.

  3. CCap says:

    Oh and Miles is the man, too.

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