Lost Season Premiere – I’m Lost Already

Lost Season Premiere – I’m Lost Already

19 Comments 03 February 2010

Spoilers follow. Hit Continue if you’ve seen the season finale or just don’t care.

So you watched the season premiere, eh? This is how I feel watching Lost most of the time, but especially since my P.I.C. Crozz left our sunny climes for the Bay Area:

So what are my questions/thoughts after last night’s ep:

  • What are Jacob and Smoke Monster Man’s origins? Clearly they are God-like in some way, or at least in relation to the Island. (And BTW, how epic was Ben’s confrontation with Jacob at the end of last season? Man meets God and kills him because he feels neglected? Tragic! Awesome!)
  • Why is the Island sunk now? Did the bomb submerge it? Dharma shark swimming around. Love that guy.
  • Clearly we’re now dealing with two competing realities (cue Doc Brown and his chalkboard explanation from Back to the Future II). Anyone notice any changes in the altered reality? I notice that Shannon didn’t get on the plane with Boone. Hurley seems to have good luck (did the numbers not get relayed to him? Was he destined to win the lottery anyway?). Jack only gets a single bottle of booze from the stewardess (he’s not as sexy?). Desmond is on the plane. What else?
  • How are they going to reconcile the two realities? Here’s an idea: These aren’t competing realities. What if everyone on board the successful Flight 815 actually ends up back on the island near that crater and this “alternate” reality is just a flashback? Just throwing that out there. Although they all seem to refer to the events immediately surround Juliet and the nuke, so I guess this isn’t likely.
  • I either forgot or never caught on that Locke wasn’t Locke at all last season. Anyone else bummed? I liked that character. Will the “real” Locke resurrect?
  • Where the F did Jack’s dad’s body/casket get to? Are these realities intertwined and able to cross over with each other?
  • Smoke Monster is the anti-Jacob. Kind of a let-down really. I definitely prefer the Dharma science stuff to the Lost spiritualism.
  • Who are the people at the Temple? OG Others? Black Rock survivors?
  • I had a Jacuzzi once. It could not revive dead people.
  • Is Jake starting to have a little faith? Ultimately I hope he’s the hero of the show.
  • Will the people in the new reality start to suffer from split personalities and visions of their other life? Will they be drawn to the island? Where’s Daniel Faraday when you need him?
  • Everyone on the island that WASN’T from the future, were they nuked? Richard, Ben, Widmore, Eloise, etc.

That’s all I got for now. Let’s discuss in the comments section. What questions did you have after the episode. More importantly, what answers can you give me RE: the above?

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  1. CCap says:

    I did not think of that last one. Were Widmore and Eloise still on the island at the time of the nuke?
    If no Widmore, then no Penny, right? Or wait, has Penny already been born at that point?

    • Brian says:

      I think so. I tried to check on Lostpedia and I think they were. Also no Daniel Faraday. Maybe that’s why Desmond was on the plane, his destiny is linked to these people but Penny wasn’t around.

  2. Brian says:

    Here’s something that really annoys me: How were the Others so badass in the first season? It was like, they could appear out of nowhere and kill without making a sound and then disappear again, then we meet the Others and they aren’t even that skilled. They aren’t like Pandora Navy Seals or anything.

  3. JDub says:

    That video reminded of the Shia LeBeouf “No no no” video. Hahaha.

    Also annoying was the smoke monster in the first season was like ferocious T-Rex that stomped through the jungle and tore up palm trees.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah, that’s true. It was less smoke, more monster. Also, in this episode, the way it killed everyone was kind of lame. Like they couldn’t move the stunt guys around fast enough. Kind of cheesy. I like how the guy surrounded himself with ash so the monster knocked the ceiling in on him, but why wouldn’t the smoke monster do more stuff like that? Knock trees on Jacob’s cabin and shit?

      • JDub says:

        Theoretically, couldn’t smokey pick up a rock (it can obviously grab things and throw them) and hurl it at people’s domes at some sort of ridiculous speed like a rail gun?

        • Brian says:

          Yeah. And that would be sick. But I guess he just likes roaring and shaking trees and making chain sounds for no reason. Also, wasn’t he judging people before when he’d find them and then either kill them or let them live? What was that all about? What was he looking for? I used to think he was seeing if they were good or bad, but now who knows?

  4. JDub says:

    Locke or fake Locke has now used two people to kill others. First Sawyer to kill his father and then Ben to kill Jacob. I don’t know if that means anything but I thought it was interesting.

    • Brian says:

      Wait, Fake Locke got Sawyer to kill who? The real Sawyer? Or did Sawyer kill someone on the island that I don’t remember? Or someone else?

      • CCap says:

        Ohhhh yeah. I remember that. In that room on the Island right? Like, Ben was trying to get Real Locke to kill Locke’s own dad, and then Sawyer ended up doing it for some reason? Like Real Locke somehow got him to do it…. Damn this show.

        • Roark says:

          Real Locke’s Dad was the conman who grifted Sawyer’s Dad, prompting Sawyer’s Dad to kill Sawyer’s Mom and himself. Still wondering how Locke’s Dad appeared on the island so conveniently though.

          • Brian says:

            Locke’s dad (the kidney guy, right) was the one going by James Sawyer? That’s where Sawyer got his name right? Fuck this show confuses me.

  5. CCap says:

    One thing I was just thinking about. Like, it’s pretty well accepted that Jacob is a good guy, right? But, like, when you think about The Others, all these people who are his follwers and worshipping him, well, they are BAD people aren’t they? Ben, their leader, killed all of the Dharma people, is a pathological liar, kidnapped and caged Sawyer, Kate, and Jack, among others, and murdered John Locke. Widmore sent in all these assassins to just murder people, appears to be super greedy, and despises one of the coolest guys ever, Desmond. The Others would routinely kidnap and kill people on the island, including most of the passengers of Flight 815.
    So, if so many of Jacob’s followers appear to be evil, what does that say about Jacob?

    • Brian says:

      Fair enough. Maybe those were orders from Smoke Monster.

      • Brian says:

        Also, to what ends do you think Jacob allows free will? People do horrible things in the name of religion, but of all the major religions I can’t think of any that actually have evil gods. From the talk between Jacob and Smoke Monster Guy it seems like Jacob believes that men are inherently good and SMG thought they always turned bad “in the end.” Maybe Jacob gives clues and the people interpret them differently. He says, “protect the island” and Ben thinks “murder anyone that lands here” when that’s not what Jacob meant at all.
        I don’t know. I wonder if we’ll find out.

  6. JDub says:

    I can see Ben misinterpreting Jacob’s message because it would be weird for Jacob to purposely bring people to the island and then tell Ben to kill them, unless it is some sort of test.

  7. JDub says:

    If I recall ben brought lockes dad to the island on the submarine and told locke that he had to kill him in front of everyone if he wanted to be the leader. Then Richard pulled out sawyers file and gave it to Locke so he could convince Sawyer to do it.

  8. Patrick says:

    How about the shitty CG for the submerged island in the alternate reality? For a show as epic as LOST, it sure has a paltry VFX budget…

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