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Marketing geniuses of ABC, please tell us what’s in store for tonight! Sayid is faced with a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants. I hope this mean Claire takes the guy that she performed open heart surgery on last week and parades him around like a corpse puppet. Interesting this and that from last week:

  • The Japanese that Dogen spit at Hurley when Hurley says he can do what he wants because he’s chosen: You’re lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I’d have cut your head off.
  • The yellow folder that Jack’s mother pulls out of the bookshelf has Arabic writing on it. The writing … is the Arabic version of the name Jacob.
  • They were supposed to turn the lighthouse to 108 degrees. It’s the 108th episode.
  • The name associated with 108 was Wallace – which could be a reference to Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist and biologist. Wallace introduced the idea of natural selection prior to Darwin. Wallace ended up a spiritualist in the end of his life and wrote that natural selection can’t account for all the mathematical, artistic, musical genius, wit, humor, and the spirit present in mankind. Wallace wrote that the spirit had interceded in history to create life from inorganic matter, to introduce consciousness in higher animals, and give higher faculties to mankind.
  • Jack’s son, David, is reading an annotated version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Jack refers to Alice’s two kittens, Kitty and Snowdrop, one black and one white. Jack also finds a key to his ex-wife’s house hidden under a rabbit statue. Hurley and Jack observe objects in another world, through the mirrors in the lighthouse, like Lewis Carrol’s sequel to Alice, “Through the Looking Glass.”
  • Jack’s son is David Shephard. David from the Bible was a shepherd and musician. One of his most famous songs is Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd.”
  • Jack’s appendectomy scar in the flash-sideways timeline parallels the scar he received from the same surgery Juliet performed on him on the Island. [Forgot about that]

Ok, well that’s that. I’ll update with my idiotic thoughts in a bit.


I didn’t feel like typing as I go. It turns out that kind of ruins shows. So what was interesting tonight?

  • Seeing Sayid kick ass in the kitchen.
  • Seeing Sayid kick ass in the jacuzzi room.
  • Who else felt like Dogan had it coming? Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. I feel bad about Sayid being pretty much a lost soul but oh well.
  • Sayid has really long nails. It’s kind of creepy.
  • Everyone see Jack walk by in the hospital?
  • What do you think’s going on with Jin?

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  1. JDub says:

    Although the extended fight scene with Sayid and Dogen was cool, I couldn’t help from laughing when Sayis went all Austin Powers style and started throwing stuff at Dogen frisbee style.

    Dogen: “Seriously now, who throws a bowl?”

  2. CCap says:

    So I decided the thing with Lost is, when you actually get ANSWERS, there aren’t many questions to talk about. Not that I feel like there were a ton of answers in this ep, but more of the realization that getting answers this season might not be as satisfying as I previously expected.
    Oh, and yeah, Dogan did kind of have it coming right? But damn does that show kill off a lot of cool characters. I mean we saw that dude for, what, 3 eps? I’m sure we’ll see more of him at some point, but really focused on him. That dude sure knows how to fight. You think it was because of all his time on the island? Or do they just teach bankers mad fighting skills in Japan?
    Oh, and I found it interesting how, apparently, Jacob explicitly asked (or forced) Dogan to come to the island and look after the temple, rather than just quietly manipulating him. And is it relevant that he did a very bad thing, and had to go to the island to make it right? Seems like somewhat of a recurring theme in the show….
    I DID notice Jack at the hospital, awesome.
    Hmmm. That’s it. I think.

    Wait. One more thing. Sayid’s bro. Have we seen him before?
    And I thought it was pretty cool to see that jerk military dude as a charming mob dude. He’s got such range!

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