Lost: The Candidate

Lost: The Candidate

16 Comments 04 May 2010

Well I’ll be. Totally forgot to post this week and it’s the one time someone actually checks. Sorry Quellipsis. On tonight’s episode, Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task. DON’T DO IT JACK!

Go ahead and discuss below and I’ll update this post with actual info, feedback, and a header image that I left on my other computer LAST week. D’OH!



Man, they really cleaned house last night, huh? Before they got to the emotional stuff, I realized that I no longer even really like this show. It was Smokey monster rolling around with Jack that did it. All those chain sounds and stuff that before was like, “OH MAN. Why does it sound like a dinosaur and then have all these crazy clanking sounds, too?!” Turns out there’s not real reason. I don’t think the problem is that questions are being answered, it’s that the answers are so lame. This show started off with a sci-fi spine that made it really interesting and now the answer to every question is, “because the Smoke God feels like it.”

Lostpedia tells us:

  • The episode’s title “The Candidate” is a dual reference: in the sideways timeline to Locke, as a candidate for a new kind of spinal surgery; and in the original timeline to Jack, which Sayid implies with “Because it’s going to be you, Jack”. [I’d argue that Sayid’s line has more to do with him being actually chosen than with him being a candidate.]
  • Hurley says he cannot find the first aid kit. It can be seen in the control room next to Frank.
  • This episodes features 3 main cast deaths, the highest ever amount in any one episode with Sayid, Sun and Jin dying. It is possible that Frank also died.
  • This is the first episode since the Season 4  premiere “The Beginning of the End” that all surviving main crash survivors from “Pilot, Part 1” who have returned or remained on the island have been together in the same place at the same time.
  • As of the end of this episode, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Claire, Walt, and possibly Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Cindy, Zack, Emma and others who defected to the Others are the only remaining passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 still alive in the original timeline.

Oh here’s a good one:

  • Jack gets an Apollo candy bar from the hospital vending machine and offers it to Claire, much like Jacob did when he first met Jack.

Your Comments

16 Comments so far

  1. Brian says:

    Haha. Claire is so bad at acting pregnant.

  2. JDub says:

    My thoughts:

    1) As soon as Jack grabbed his backpack from Locke, I knew that he had switched them. Guess we now know why Locke carried around his backpack.
    2) If the bomb wasn’t going to automatically blow up the entire sub, then why didn’t they try to just isolate it in another part of the sub and close the door.
    3) Haven’t they seen any TV or movie involving subs? Don’t they know that if you have something on a sub that you have to get rid of that all you need to do is shoot it out the torpedo tube?
    4) So if Locke can’t kill the candidates and a candidate can’t kill himself, but Sawyer tampering with the bomb counts as someone else trying to kill the candidates, why couldn’t Alpert kill Jack when he light the stick of dynamite in the black rock?
    5) If Sawyer took the bomb to another room of the sub by himself, would it have still blown up since he was the one that tampered with the bomb?

    • Roark says:

      #4: it definitely seems like there are way less elaborate ways Locke could have gotten them killed. Like, I don’t know, asking someone else to kill them? Or do they specifically have to kill each other maybe? I doubt that though because all the other candidates weren’t necessarily killed by other candidates.

      • Brian says:

        1.) I thought it was weird that Locke handed him his backpack.
        2.) Who knows.
        3.) I’m not sure leisure/transport subs have torpedo tubes dude. I was on the Atlantis in Maui and I’m pretty sure there weren’t any torpedos lying around. Wait, do they even make non-touristy, serious transportation submarines?
        4.) Who knows.
        5.) Who knows.

  3. Melissa says:

    1. As my friend pointed out to me last night… almost all the minorities are dead. (Yes, I know Hurley is still alive.
    2. There was something else but I can’t remember. To be continued…. ?

    • CCap says:

      Isn’t that what always happens in movies / tv?? 🙂

    • jerrie says:

      miles too.
      i have a friend who doesnt usually find asian guys attractive but has a big thing for miles.
      i told her, “looks like your boy miles is the only asian left.” to which she replied, “yup. quality over quantity.”

      • Brian says:

        Walt’s still alive somewhere, waiting to fulfill that narrative promise the writers made the first season. I just KNOW it.

        Yeah right.

  4. CCap says:

    I feel like Bernard knew more than he was telling. But I kinda doubt we’re gonna see Bernard again, so I’m not gonna dwell on it.

  5. Roark says:

    –I like how they’ve found interesting ways to bring back characters from previous seasons for little cameos.
    –I would have liked to have seen Sayid get a more dignified death, but maybe that’s what he gets since he went off the reservation. Or maybe we’ll see him in ghost form soon.
    –Although I guess Lapidus got an even more undignified death right? They didn’t even really mention the fact that he didn’t make it out. Sucks for the mute sub captain too.
    –Where are Ben, Richard, and Miles? They are totally going to save the day I bet.
    –Woah, the finale is 2 and a half hours, and on a Sunday?

    • JDub says:

      Why did widmores people let the group steal the sub if they were chilling in the bushes waiting to shoot them? That seems weird. Also how did Locke know that Kate was going to be shot so jack would have to get on the sub? Or was that just bonus and he would he have had to figure out abother way to kill jack if he didn’t get on the sub?

      • Brian says:

        I don’t know. Were they maybe not actually waiting in the bushes but snuck up as they were jacking the sub?
        Jack must have been a bonus, but who knows? They’re always getting people to do stuff randomly.
        Has there ever been a show with so many normal people willing to pick up a machine gun and murder? Like, I feel like all the scientists on this show are more than comfortable breaking down and reassembling an AK-47 for some reason.

        • JDub says:

          They also apparently have such devotion to the cause that they are willing to stand toe to toe with an unknown unstoppable black smoke monster and not run away and hide.

  6. Melissa says:

    I remember now! I was happy Sayid died a good guy. I totally forgot about Miles. I like him as a character.

  7. NotMom says:

    I forgot until today to come back to read the update.

    >I realized that I no longer even really like this show.

    Exactly. It’s like I have to watch, on the increasingly unlikely chance that something brilliant will happen to make it all mean something. Or as the old cranky dudes Statler & Waldorf on the Muppet Show used to sing, “Why do we always come here? I do not really know. It’s like some kind of torture to have to watch this show.”

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