Lost: The End

Lost: The End

10 Comments 23 May 2010

If things have gone according to plan, by the time you read this I’ll be gone. In Mexico to be precise. The very last episode of Lost will be set to air tonight, and depending on the fine cable/satellite system available in Cabo San Lucas I may or may not be watching. This post is my constant. Feel free to discuss the events in my absence.

Did you know I’ve been using the same font and placement each week for my header image? It’s true. I didn’t do it from the first episode but I’ve done it for the last nine. Here they all are in one super sweet, long-ass image:


Whatever happens to Jack and the gang tonight it’s important to remember how awesome this show was when it started, and if it feels like it’s been a bit of a let-down this season it’s only because they set such a high bar for themselves.

I hope Jack gets to kick some Smoke Monster ass. I hope he gets some happiness on the island. I hope there’s a Return of the Jedi like ending where they play some goofy song and have a party and Jack leans up against a palm tree and looks over at the ghosts of his dad, Sayid, and Jacob, chilling and looking pleased with themselves. Most of all I just hope it isn’t a fuck-you ending: “It’s all a dream,” “The bad guy wins,” “We end where we started,” etc.

I guess we’ll see. I’m definitely curious. And if I can’t get ABC in Mexico, rest assured that I will get duly plastered, swim to an island, battle unseen forces, and call people “Brother” until I get arrested.

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  1. JDub says:

    What were the time flashes all about? Did the nuke go off? Why was Jin and Sun so happy to realize that they were dead and the other reality was the real one? That means that Jin still never saw his daughter.

    I think they did a good job wrapping up the characters and providing a happy ending but there was no tying up of any loose ends. I understand that they can’t provide answers for everything, but if this is where they were going with it, it seems like the pieces have to at least belong to the same puzzle if not fit together.

    It was like, for 5 seasons, they said, these are parts you have to play with, and its up to you to figure out what the final outcome is going to be because allegedly, it was planned out. Then, in the 6th season, they give us a whole new set of pieces and then say, really this is all that matters and everything else you got before is not necessary for the final outcome. Makes me wonder, was the island even necessary? Couldn’t this story have played out in any location without supernatural events and what not?

    • Brian says:

      What do you mean time flashes?

      Everything that happened aside from this Earth-X storyline “actually” happened. The nuke went off. It sent them back to their present time.

      Jin and Sun were happy because ultimately they fell in love again and found each other before dying. Although it IS weird that Sun is preggers in the afterlife.

      For this group of people, who closely bonded through this intense, crazy experience, when you die, no matter when you die, you go back to Flight 815 and you exist in that world until you’re ready to see/remember how you lived and died, and at that point you can cross over to heaven or whatever. I’m assuming that Sun and Jin’s baby will have her own afterlife experience with people that she bonds with in her life.

      Could this story have played out in another location without supernatural elements? Yes. Could Star Wars play out in feudal Japan without lightsabers and spaceships? Yes.

      It’s disappointing that they didn’t tie up a lot of this stuff, I agree. I read a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff so I knew that this episode was going to have ZERO answers, so I dealt with that disappointment in the weeks before.

      In the end, it was this crazy journey that they all went on together and in the last season or so it turned increasingly spiritual, so in my mind it makes sense that it had a very metaphysical ending.

      I think as a model for how to get all your characters back in one place to say goodbye it was fucking awesome.

      • Brian says:

        Also, opening montage was great. Really good score.

        • JDub says:

          I agree that it was a great way to get people all together and I’m cool with the ending. I also knew that no answers were going to be provided, and I’m not so much complaining about the last episode, so much as a flaw in the entire series.

          Sure Star Wars could have been at anytime, but Star Wars didn’t have hundreds of mysteries that the viewers were led to believe would be answered.

  2. Brian says:

    Why do you guys think Jack had a harder time remembering his real life? Also, he still seems to be central to their group, which is nice.

    And what does it mean that Ben doesn’t go with them? Still atoning for his past life? Did anyone else feel a little bad for him?

    • JDub says:

      Maybe the purgatory timeline was really just Jack-based, and therefore, everyone else as a slightly different perspective when they go through it. That could explain why Aaron was only a baby in purgatory because that’s the only way that Jack knew him.

      • Roark says:

        Jack was always kind of the stubborn one.

        I think that even though Ben realized he was dead he still wanted to spend time in the alternate reality, because he could spend time with Alex and stuff. So he could try to make up for what he did to her in the other reality, but he could also spend time with her.

  3. Brian says:

    Roark, re: Star Wars, JOKE.

  4. CCap says:

    I don’t have much else to say except how boring does a Drive Shaft / Daniel Widmore concert seem??

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