Lost: The Last Recruit

Lost: The Last Recruit

13 Comments 20 April 2010

Tonight, on Lost: Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge.

More informative than usual, that’s for sure. There are only 4 episodes of Lost left after tonight. Which is good since I’m running out of cast photos to use as the header image for these posts.

Tonight we’ll learn a bit more about Smocke. Sun will have her Island consciousness restored. And Jack Bauer disobeys the president to pursue revenge against the Russians for killing Rene Walker. Err… maybe not that last one.


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  1. CCap says:

    Hmmmmm. Yeah. Once again, I have less fun with this show the more answers I get.
    So I guess it’s confirmed that Smocke was Christian.
    I find it kinda annoying that Claire is just semi-normal now, when 5 minutes ago she was SUPER crazy.
    That well was a lot less deep than I thought.
    I’m assuming Sayid didn’t shoot Desmond (Smocke has gotta know that Sayid is lying, right?)
    Flash-sideways was interesting, everybody just coming together, aren’t they?
    Sawyer and Jack seemed to have patched things up – well, yeah, Jack got kicked off the boat, but it doesn’t seem like Sawyer’s all heated about his GF anymore.
    Took me awhile to come around, but now I am convinced that Smocke is very, very bad.
    Does anybody else besides me REALLY hate that new scientist chick with the glasses?

    That’s all I can think of for now – on to Lostpedia!

    • CCap says:

      Lostpedia: super uninformative this episode.

      • Brian says:

        Claire and her stupid hair. Get her off the show.
        Smocke as Christian is lame. Unless Smocke’s just lying, so that Jack won’t know that there’s an actual benevolent force on the island.
        Desmond has to be alive at the bottom of that 5 foot well. Pretty easy day of filming for him. One 30 second scene, just sitting there.
        I hate the chick with the glasses. I’m hoping for a dynamite accident.
        I really like new Jack.

        • Brian says:

          Here’s a good one from Lostpedia: Sawyer jumps off the helicopter taking them to a potential way home for the good of the group; Jack jumps off the boat taking them to a potential way home for the good of the group.

        • CCap says:

          New Jack is so chill!
          Hurley, you wanna us to go hang with Smocke? Sounds good.
          Sawyer, you want me to jump off this boat and swim to shore? Alrighty.

  2. CCap says:

    Oh and I know it’s been brought up before, but isn’t it annoying that in season 1, there is this whole focus on Walt being super important to the show. All sorts of crazy psychic powers and The Others find it necessary to kidnap him? Seriously, are we gonna get some closure on why he was such a big deal?
    I doubt it.

    • Brian says:

      I picture the show building to this big emotional climax, we get the big reveal, closure, the show fades to black, but then comes back up on Jack and he goes, “Wait, what about that Walt kid?” Cut to black. Credits.

  3. JDub says:

    I am also divided about the answers we are getting. Not only do they seem simplified but I don’t like the way they are given to us. During this season, the characters just ask what’s on their mind, and then some one tells them, like, what are the whispers, were you my dad, what is the island. If it is that simple, why didn’t they just do that the first 5 seasons.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah, first season Jack’s like, “Who are you?!” and and Other’s like, “Some of us used to work for a science consortium that studied this island’s unique and mysterious physical forces, others are people that were drawn here in a metaphorical chess game between a man named Jacob and another guy that dresses in black, some of them were granted physical gifts or powers in exchange for helping one of the two men. The island’s powers include teleportation, time travel, and the ability to hide itself from the outside world. But that’s all I know, I was just a janitor before I became a super-stealthy Others black op soldier.”

  4. Roark says:

    Was anyone else really hoping Claire was just going to pop a cap in Kate while she had the gun pointed at her?

    Glasses chick is really annoying. A couple episodes ago she was floundering around because she’s just a geologist or something. Now she’s brokering deals with the smoke monster and calling in air strikes.

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