Lost: The Package

Lost: The Package

15 Comments 30 March 2010

Lots of good stuff this week. I used to put a bunch of interesting tidbits from the previous week in these posts, but those are going to be grouped with their respective episodes from now on, so to see interesting stuff from last week’s episode, you’ll have to go check last week’s post. ABC says: Sun and Jin desperately continue their search for one another, and Locke confronts his enemy.

Before I drop comedy bombs on you, I want to point you to a friend of mine’s theory on Earth-X. He writes for Medialoper and I think his thoughts are similar to mine, just way more thought out and better written. Also, realize he wrote the first part after only seeing the season premiere. So go check out what Jim has to say (in 3 short parts) and then come back. Did Juliet have full knowledge of Earth-X when she set off the blast? Will Sawyer be the first to put it all together? Or is Earth-X just a big, fat waste of time? Discuss below.

Now for some laughs.

From Ain’t It Cool News:

From Angry Asian Man (via Kate Z AKA Unicorntastic):

From Buzzfeed (via Kate Z AKA Unicorntastic):


Update with Lostpedia goodies:

  • The castaways now appear divided by what the audience would have initially perceived as good/bad. The torturer (Sayid), the criminals (Sawyer, Kate), the mean husband/corporate footsoldier (Jin) are all with “evil” Locke. The “good” characters are in the group guided by “good” Jacob.
  • If Sun were successful in getting the money from her secret bank account she would essentially be paying Keamy to kill Jin.

It’s interesting that in order to save the people on the island, Jack had to get all the candidates that escaped onto a plane flying over the Pacific. Now, in order to escape, the Man in Black once again needs all the (remaining) candidates in order to leave. What is the deal with all this shit?

Damon Lindelof on Twitter promised a huge change next week when he said, “In one week, the conversation is going to change.” Interesting.

My favorite exchange from last night:

Sawyer: …Can’t you just turn into smoke, fly your ass over the water?

Smocke: Do you think if I could do that, I’d still be on this island?

Sawyer:  No, cuz that’d be ridiculous.

The Crozz makes an EXCELLENT point about Sun wasting paper and inspired me to do this:

Sun Uses Too Much Paper

Make your own with the “Sun Wastes Paper Template”!!!! Download it here!

Here, I did another one to inspire you:


Your Comments

15 Comments so far

  1. Kate says:

    Those two images came directly from my IM to yours. So I refuse to discuss anything on here.

  2. Tomato Jack says:

    “Uh, yeah, Sun? Do you think you could write more than one sentence on each piece of paper? That is LITERALLY the only paper on the island…”

  3. Brian says:

    Fucking V countdown in the corner of the screen. ABC, you fucking suck. No one cares about V.

    • CCap says:

      DUDE. I was like, “uhhh, is this gonna be here the WHOLE fucking show?” sure enough. Nobody is excited about V returning.

  4. CCap says:

    How brutal is it to send a dude to pay the hitman that is gonna kill him?

    I really do not like that geophysicist. Is that how one spells geophysicist?

    Nice to see that Russian dude back in the show – and speaking Korean no less! Funny how he gets it in the eye at the end…

    Welcome back Desmond!

    • Brian says:

      Russian dude (from Toy Soldiers) is awesome. He’s in some other show this fall also. I forgot about the eye patch. When they made a big deal of showing his eye I was like, wait, I’m supposed to tie this together with something from before but I can’t remember what…
      Interesting parallel: Donnie Darko, a movie about a parallel universe, has a major plot point revolving around Frank’s eye being shot out.

  5. Roark says:

    Keamy mentioned that he knew Mikhail through someone named Danny, since everyone in the alternate reality seems to know everyone else in hilarious ways, I wonder if Faraday is Danny? Since Faraday basically caused this whole alternate reality I feel like we need to see a bit more from him.

    On the subject of Faraday, and now that Desmond is back, I wonder if Desmond is key to this whole alternate reality somehow because he survived a crazy explosion at the same spot and then jumped through time/realities for a while. Maybe he can get everything sorted. Didn’t he need Daniel to help him do that? Although Widmore doesn’t really know about the alternate realities, so he must have brought Desmond for another reason.

    This got me thinking about Faraday, and how when we first met him in a flashback he saw the news about 815 crashing and started crying without knowing why. Almost like he was aware on some level of an alternate reality or something. And he was always forgetting things and he had that notebook that seemed to have all sorts of answers.

    • CCap says:

      Excellent points Roark. My head hurts now.

      Maybe when people went back in time, they were really just jumping into alternate realities then?

      • Roark says:

        Right. Or to take it a step further, maybe everyone who is on the island is in an alternate reality of sorts. Maybe all the crazy electromagnetic energy warps space and time so much that the island is either a portal into other realities or it is constantly creating new realities or something. It could explain why the island moves, why it’s so hard to find and so hard to leave, why when the rescue boat launched a rocket it took longer to arrive at the island than it should have, etc. Could explain why some people need to be knocked out when they are traveling to the island in the sub and stuff. People always just wake up on the island, either through a plane crash or boat crash, or being knocked out on a sub journey.

  6. CCap says:

    Haha I was totally wondering, “who is this hilarious Tomato Jack guy?!” Guess I should’ve paid attention to the icon.

  7. JDub says:

    Why was Sun and Jin on flight 815 to begin with? I remember she was planning on leaving him in the original timeline but why were they in Australia? Also, if they are now not married, why were they in Australia?

  8. CCap says:


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