Lost: The Substitute

Lost: The Substitute

14 Comments 16 February 2010

Tonight’s episode of Lost is called The Substitute and ABC once again gives a detailed synopsis: Locke goes in search of help to further his cause.

Thanks ABC.

Interesting shizzle from last week, once again gleened from the good folks at Lostpedia:

  • Some scenes were actually shot in LA, despite my firm belief that “Brentwood” was certainly somewhere in Hawaii.
  • Dogen (Japanese guy, leader of this group of Others) had a bowl of Black stones on his desk.
  • Ethan is almost the exact opposite person he was on the island, including his name.

That’s about it since last week wasn’t very interesting. Update to come later tonight or tomorrow! Otherwise, comment below!!!


  • I thought of something during the opening credits. I guess I assumed that Jacob got nuked in the alternate timeline (Earth-X) but maybe not. And maybe he’s still out there influencing lives on Earth-X as well. Maybe everyone will still be drawn somewhere.
  • We’re in a flash-sidways and Locke is having a shitty day BUT… Locke and Katey Sagal seem happy together. Uh, where’s The Crozz when I need him? There was some sort of tragic relationship, right? I should be happy they’re together on Earth-X I feel like.
  • We’re on the island, seeing through the Smoke Monster’s eyes. It’s a total Sam Raimi homage.
  • I like to imagine the Smoke Monster rolling around wearing Locke’s backpack. A big column of smoke with a JanSport.
  • Back on Earth-X, Locke gets fired. Locke’s boss = HUGE asshole.
  • Back on the island, Smoke Monster Locke gets Richard out of a trap. I like hearing Richard with questions. How’s that feel?
  • Smoke Monster Locke thinks Jacob is an asshole for keeping people in the dark. Hey, me too!
  • Locke refuses to be the goody bag at Sawyer’s pity party.
  • On Earth-X Locke is doing the walk of shame but can’t get into his car because his wheel-chair ramp is blocked by a big-ass Hummer owned by… HURLEY! And he owns Locke’s company. This was also true in non-alternate Earth, right?
  • How nice is Hurley? Fat people are so jolly.
  • We’re now back on Lost Island and Smoke Monster Locke sees some blonde kid and runs after him. Baby Jacob? How’s he know the rules? Is Smoke Monster Locke in trouble?
  • Meanwhile, back on Earth-X (Jesus this episode cuts back and forth a lot) Locke is interviewing for Hurley’s temp agency. “What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?” Why didn’t he say “Polar Bear?”
  • Locke asks to speak to the manager who happens to be… ROSE!!! Still has cancer. That sucks. Maybe she should call Jack.
  • Sawyer is now walking around with Smoke Monster Locke (probably not the best idea). “What are you?” “What I am is trapped.” AAAAAA!!! Answer a question in a straightforward way! God, this show.
  • We’re now over with Ben and Sun and Locke’s decaying corpse outside the foot statue. Why does Ben seem so clueless all of a sudden? Has he always been this in the dark?
  • “John Locke was a… believer. He was a man of faith. He was… a much better man than I will ever be, and I’m very sorry I murdered him.” CLASSIC.
  • Earth-X, Locke is getting out of bed. Jake’s legs in Avatar- WAY more realistic than Locke’s. Just saying.
  • After watching Sons of Anarchy it’s hard to buy Katey Sagal as anything less than a huge badass.
  • Locke. Dude. Creepy knife collection. What the hell kind of walkabout requires 20 different types of knives?
  • Back on the island, Smoke Monster Locke and James have reached a seacliff with a sketchy ladder going down it. OSHA is having a heart attack.
  • Black rock, White rock, perfectly balanced. Uh oh, White rock removed. And cast to sea. We’re screwed.
  • Giant rock with all the names of all the people called to the island scratched into it. How Lost!
  • Locke’s teaching on Earth-X now. That’s nice. He’s supportive.
  • Heads to the teacher’s lounge and it’s… Ben Linus! The European History teacher that will strangle you with a power cord if you misbehave. He acts like a prick. I bet the other teachers hate him.
  • BACK on the island. Sawyer asks who wrote the names. Smoke Monster Locke says it was Jacob. I wonder how these names are numbered. Jack – 23. Hugo – 8. Sayid – 16. Kwon – 42. Locke – 4. James – 15. Uh oh.
  • Smoke Monster Locke says it means that they were all candidates to protect the island and James has 3 choices- 1) You can see how it plays out, do nothing, get your name crossed out (killed, I assume). 2) Protect the island. From nothing. There is no threat. 3) You can bounce. Leave with Smoke Monster Locke. How’s that sound James? “Hell yes.”


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  1. CCap says:

    Holy crap it’s next Tuesday already? It feels like it was just last Tuesday!

  2. CCap says:

    Little fair-haired kid does seem like a baby Jacob, don’t he? I mean seriously, in the crazy Lostoverse, are we really supposed to believe that one little stabbing could kill thousands of year old Jacob??

    I dug it when Smoke Monster Locke took the white rock, threw it into the ocean, and is all, “inside joke.” This ep totally solidified the idea of a 2-competing-gods-balancing-eachother-out sort of thing, didn’t it?

    Locke’s boss – SUCH a fucking douche.

    How the hell are Smoke Monster Locke and Sawyer gonna get out of that cave now that the ladder is broken? Well, SML can just fly up I guess. But poor Sawyer.

    Des brought up something funny during the episode – ladder = JACOB’S LADDER ???? haha.

    • Brian says:

      Jacob’s ladder- awesome.
      Yeah I hope Jacob is still around. I also hope real Locke is still around somehow. Maybe Earth-X Locke can cross over.

  3. CCap says:

    So on my way to work I was thinking more about Jacob.
    Remember good ol’ spooky cabin Jacob? Like, how Ben was all jealous that Locke was apperently able to see and/or hear him and he wasn’t?
    Flash to now, where there’s this little fair-haired boy in the forest that SML can see, and Sawyer can see, but then Richard cannot see him?
    Do you think maybe the only people that can see Jacob are the ones that he chose, or touched, previously? I mean, this is assuming that kid has anything to do with Jacob.

    Also, I found it interesting how Jacob would always harp on the whole “free will” thing and keep telling people they can choose what they do, and then SML would talk about how Jacob is really all about manipulating people into doing what he wants. Interesting.

    Finally, what is is exactly that Jacob was looking for? Why list those people? Possible replacements for him?

    I’d better go check out some lostpedia.

    • CCap says:

      Nevermind on the what Jacob was looking for thing. Apparently SML says that he was looking for the next Jacob, so yeah.

  4. JDub says:

    My comments:

    Where was Kate’s name on the list? Jacob touched her also.
    So I assume that one rule is that if you want to leave then you have to find a replacement? If that’s the case, although Jacob had a list of candidates, it did not seem like he was very worried about getting off the island.
    Fake Locke seemed to imply that both he and Jacob were put on the island to protect it and Fake Locke doesn’t believe that there is any reason to protect it. Very reminiscent of the hatch and pushing the button.
    Hurley mentioned on the beach I think right after the plane crash that he had just bought a box company (John’s company).
    The boy must have something to do with the Others interest in kidnapping and testing kids like Walt and the other two kids.
    That reminds me of this, what was Ben doing when he was brainwashing Alex’s boyfriend with that crazy video that said Jacob Loves You.

    • Roark says:

      Hopefully that means Kate is a goner at some point this season. Any episode without her is usually a pretty good one, last night was a great example.

      Jacob left the island a bunch of times in the past to hang out with all the people and touch them right? Or maybe that was just some sort of astral projection blah blah blah.

      You can’t con the conman so I’m not sure Sawyer is totally buying everything smoke monster Locke is saying.

  5. Roark says:

    Smoke Monster/Evil Dead thing was definitely my favorite part of the episode.

    I was reading something about last night’s episode and they commented on Richard Alpert’s classic defensive-hands-out-don’t-hurt-me move he does every time he pops out of the bushes, and I realized that I can picture him doing this in my mind very easily so it must be something he does a lot. Brian you should make a photo or video montage of these moments.

  6. consider this: After falling in to deep sleep, you find yourself floating in the air flow. You look around you and see your natural body at rest. The thought that you possibly be dead can make you shudder, and everyone scream. You wake way up, your hands clammy, and you realize you’re back in your bed. It was most a dream. Or was it?

  7. Tod Willie says:

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