Lost: What Kate Does

Lost: What Kate Does

7 Comments 09 February 2010

Tonight’s episode is called “What Kate Does,” a nod to season 2 episode “What Kate Did.”

Here’s what TV Guide says about it: Kate’s on the run while Jack must do something that could jeopardize the life of a friend.

Woah! How about a spoiler alert guys? I’ll either update this post later with my thoughts or just put them down below in the comments. Either way, I wanted a place to discuss my fave show.

Interesting bits about last episode courtesy of that I didn’t catch:

  • Desmond was wearing a wedding ring
  • An X as in “LA X” is used in comics to denote an alternate reality, such as Earth X in both Marvel and DC Universes.
  • In the OG Flight 815, Jack reassures Rose that turbulence is normal. In Flight 815 X it’s Rose that reassures Jack (“You can let go now.”)
  • Charlie says he should have died after Jack revives him on the plane. This is likely a reference to destiny and Desmond’s attempts to save Charlie (which ultimately failed).
  • Why was Jack’s neck bleeding in the new alternate reality?
  • More cool shit at

Time for tonight’s episode:

  • How funny is it every time Kate says she can track someone?
  • Asian guy is messing with a locked down Sayid. Is he testing to make sure that Sayid is actually Sayid and not Smoke Monster? Think Sayid will give him tips and feedback on his torture technique?
  • The Others are still assholes.
  • Kate’s rolling around in a stolen Taxi proving yet again that she’s the world’s dumbest criminal.
  • It’s super funny to hear Jin speaking really good English.
  • Kate’s cruising around the jungle with some Others and one of them is like, a really annoying high strung normal person. These are the stealth, wraith-like creatures that could kidnap and kill without leaving a trace in Season One?
  • I like that Sayid says that he “clearly didn’t” pass the test. He’s awesome. This pill scene is like the Red pill/Blue pill test from The Matrix. Taking (or giving) the pill represents faith I assume.
  • Brentwood looks strangely like Hawaii.
  • How did Aaron get his name in the OG reality? I can’t remember.
  • Oooo,  Jack, trying to take the pill himself. That’s a good move. Poison, eh? Assholes I tell you. I bet it’s only poison for everyone but Sayid though. Or it’s not Sayid.
  • BTW I hear Wolfman’s horrible.
  • Will Christian Slater take it hard when his second TV show in a row gets canceled in just a few episodes?
  • Jack’s sister’s soul got taken over by evil darkness? Are they talking about Claire? That’s his half-sister, right?
  • Hahahaha! Rousseau-style Claire. That’s hilarious. Did she look chubby to anyone else?

Kind of a weak episode, right? Nothing really interesting happened. Kate’s Earth X story was a snoozer. Do you think the Lost writers are Donnie Darko fans? That movie’s all about a tangent universe and how it needs to be fixed. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are some similarities heading toward the end game here. Also, Dark Tower and what happens at the end there. Also wouldn’t be surprising.

Time for HBO’s Real Sports! Tonight: Curling!

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  1. JDub says:

    On Claire’s ultrasound, the date was 10/22/04, however, the original plane crashed on 9/22/04. So the plane now lands one month later?

  2. CCap says:

    I think it takes about a month to get from Australia to the states, so that explains it.

  3. Roark says:

    Moy Baybeeee! I was hoping I would never have to hear that again.

    Good to see Mac from It’s Always Sunny again as the hilarious Other.

    I guess now we know that Jack’s dad, and Eko’s brother, and all those other people weren’t imagined but real dead people who came back like fake Locke. But are those people all bad like fake Locke? It seems like the Japanese guy was saying that Sayid and Claire have been claimed like Locke was claimed. So does that mean Jack’s dad is working with smoke monster Locke? I guess it doesn’t necessarily mean that. Is Claire dead (or was she temporarily dead) then or can people be claimed without dying first?

    • Brian says:

      I didn’t get the feeling that he necessarily meant that the evil taking over was like what happened with Locke. I mean, Evil Locke wasn’t even Locke’s body. But I miss stuff all the time. Oh man, I was so waiting for Claire to start yelling about her “Baybee!” I was pumped.

  4. NotMom says:

    A Dark Tower ending? That would be so good it will never happen.

  5. CCap says:

    Clearly the show is setting itself to end on a big crossover episode with Fringe.

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