The Bachelorette: Now We’re Getting Somewhere

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Just to be clear, when I saw “now we’re getting somewhere” I don’t mean that we’re making any meaningful progress, but rather that the show is literally moving locations to (apparently freezing cold) Bermuda. The bros are, needless to say, very pumped. I have to apologize for being late, again, but you can blame the funniest web series ever, and pitch-perfect Bachelor parody, Burning Love. If you like Party Down, it’s a lot of the same cast.

Anyway, back to the show. I would love to see the marketing research for this show that says viewers had major doubts about a single mom being on the show because fully 85% of any episode focuses on the fact that Emily is a mother and shows her hanging out with Ricki and teaching Ricki and talking about Ricki and blah blah blah. We get it. After a lengthy montage of Emily mothering, we learn that single dad and frequent gym-goer Doug will be getting the first date.

Doug is a good-looking man. I can admit that. But Christ, what an asshole. The guys start joking around with him trying to make him nervous, very innocent and bro-like, and Doug gets so pissed. He has the worst sense of humor of anyone on this show and that is saying A LOT (check out his shady past). Emily shows up right before Doug’s about to throw down with Arie. Saved by the belle. [You see what I did there?]

Here’s why I like Arie more than anyone that’s ever been on this show:

The date is just like Doug: looks great, super boring. His faux-enthusiasm for everything grates on me. “Are we going shopping?! Excellent!” Emily really likes him because just like her, his sole defining characteristic is that he has a child. Any time Emily makes a joke the conversation grinds to a halt as Doug’s brain tries to figure out the human emotion that relates to laughter. There’s an archway couples walk through to make a wish. Emily walks him through it and he goes “I can do that 100 times, that was awesome.” Doug, first, your wish won’t ACTUALLY come true, second, you’re the guy that always says he’d wish for another 100 wishes if he found a genie, huh? Oh and third, it was “awesome”? Really?

Over dinner Emily thinks that Doug always says the right thing and tries to get him to list his flaws. He pulls the classic job interview trick of listing a positive as a negative. “What’s my worst quality? I’m just too awesome at being a dad.” He also points out that Emily is equally incapable of saying anything negative about herself. They are perfect for each other.

After he gets a rose and Emily practically opens her mouth and closes her eyes, he tells us in confessional that he refuses to kiss her because his grandpa told him that you don’t kiss a woman until she lets you know that she wants to be kissed. Other things his grandfather told him:

  • Work out three times a day.
  • Have a child with a woman you don’t plan on spending your life with.
  • Find a wife on a reality show.

Next is the group date and the boys are split into two teams and forced to race yachts, which they seem woefully under-qualified for but whatever. The losing team has to go back to the hotel. Wa waaa. Unfortunately Ryan is not on that team.

Winning team: Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and Arie.
The losing team takes a van home and Charlie cries. Dead serious.

You should be.

On the group date, Ryan says that Emily would be a great trophy wife (dude is a real winner), Arie makes out with Emily on the beach where it’s really cold (I always thought Bermuda was always warm like the South Pacific or Caribbean), Kalon gets almost 0 screen time (thank God, I can’t stand looking at that smug, half smile he has ALL OF THE TIME), Jef acts super fem and overly sincere and gets a rose, and Ryan tells Emily that God made her beautiful so she should work out and actually do that because it’s really all she’s good for (I’m only partially paraphrasing).

The last date is a two-on-one with two guys who I think just showed up this week (two other guys that have never talked to Emily but I DO recognize have to once again sit this one out). Both super boring, one is really young, one is a little older, a little more confident. It’s a forgone conclusion even before they get to the super awkward cave dinner. Yes, that’s right, cave dinner. It is the most quiet, most echoey date I have ever seen. You can hear them swallowing their wine. It’s 80% nervous laughter. The older guy gets the rose and the younger gets sent home.

Back to house, it’s time for the pre-rose ceremony socializing.

Mushroom farmer (yes, “mushroom farmer,” the only reason I don’t make fun of this–my brother does it) Alejandro pulls Emily aside and for some reason talks to her like they’ve actually talked before. Weird. Certainly they would have shown that at some point—the show is two fucking hours every week. Ryan throws on the southern charm along with a few layers of lip gloss and goes to work on Emily.

Before he can dig himself too deep in his own bullshit, Arie shows up because he hates Ryan, and also lip gloss. Arie makes Emily tell him how much she likes him. “What do you like about me? Awww. What else? That’s sweet. What else?”

Meanwhile, Ryan tells Ashton Kutcher that he doesn’t really care what happens because he’s got media contacts back home and he’ll just get them to make him the next Bachelor. I cannot wait.

Also meanwhile, weird-looking Chris (who Emily mysteriously thinks is really hot) gets all up in Doug’s face for saying that he’s too young. Doug just does the awkward pre-fight laughing-at-things-that-aren’t-funny bro move and dismisses him.

Ultimately we get to the roses, and Ugly Ashton Kutcher gets kicked out and talks to Emily for the first time, and Cryin’ Charlie gets kicked out. And cries. In the rain. Waaaa. Next the show will take us to London. I will probably spend the entire time trying to get you to watch my favorite British tv shows. Just a warning.

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  1. Paula says:

    Oh golly, you are too much.
    First, headband guy also modeled a yellow one for us last night too, I think. He must have a plethora of colors to choose from. Lame!

    Secondly, Doug is an ahole, and Emily is already starting to realize he might be hiding a temper much like her ex Brad.
    Third, things his grandfather told him made me laugh.
    Fourth, Ryan’s photo was hysterical. He isn’t cute at all despite the fact that he thinks he is God’s gift to women.
    Fifth, I disagree with you about the shot of One F Jef’s socks being the stupidest thing in the frame with Kalon’s face. If you look, you will see that Kalon’s face is still the stupidest. Look!
    Last, Chris is weird looking. He should just take the high road and leave Doug alone not start drama. What a tool! I think he has a lazy eye, but can’t find anyone to agree with me. Arie & Shaun all the way.
    Great recap. Lots of chuckles. Thanks.

    • Brian says:

      Funny story: I kept misspelling Kalon’s name and had to redo that picture with caption when I caught the error. I hate him even more now.
      Thanks for reading and even more for commenting!

  2. Lazlo says:

    First of all, thank you for explaining why you don’t make more fun of the Colombian mushroom farmer.

    Second and more importantly, do they NOT SCREEN ANY of the contestants for these shows?

    Producers: “So is there anything in your past that might get in the way of you becoming a loving and harmonious match for this year’s Bachelorette?”

    Doug: “I mean, aside from physically abusing the baby momma of the first child which I am apparently NOT raising and trying to scare her by randomly shooting off a shotgun multiple times during an argument, not really.”

    Producers: “Cool.”

    • Brian says:

      It’s also extremely difficult to make fun of someone that has about 5 seconds of dialog a week. They definitely screen the contestants. And by “screen” I mean make sure they’re really good looking and have an easily sell-able hook. “Single father with big biceps? Yes and YES! Sign here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here…”
      Thanks for the comment! Makes doing this more bearable.

      • Lazlo says:

        I will make you a deal. I will post a comment to every single Bachelor/ette recap you write if you will just keep writing them. I need you on that wall.

  3. Jekika says:

    Your brother is a mushroom farmer?

  4. Caroline says:

    Pathetic fact, but I have about 10 snarky Bachelor/Bachelorette blogs that I read, and your recaps are by far my favorite (I do have to give a shout out to GTOG podcasts though!)

    Anyway, just wanted you to know you provide me with a lot of laughs! Keep up the good work đŸ™‚

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