Review: The AA-12 Shotgun

Review: The AA-12 Shotgun

2 Comments 16 November 2009

How about a shotgun that can fire 300 rounds a minute? And 32-shell drum-magazine? Sound interesting? If the AA-12 shotgun sounds so much more insane than other shotguns it’s because it was developed from the ground up for urban warfare. Other shotguns are more or less derivatives of guns designed for hunting. The AA-12 also has a low recoil, allowing for less strain on the body and better accuracy over multiple shots. Add all of this to low-maintenance with high durability and you have the ultimate Zombie mob repellent.

Granted, a shotgun with a high firing speed with buckshot is a recipe for dangerous zombie remnants. We don’t need zombie heads biting at our ankles, and for this reason, rifles and hand guns are generally better than shotties. BUT, consider an AA-12 loaded up with 32 FRAG-12 rounds. What’s a FRAG-12 round you ask? It’s a shotgun shell loaded with a finned projectile that explodes on contact unleashing a hailstorm of high-velocity buckshot over a 9-foot radius. And it flies straighter and farther than any shotgun before it.

The Frag 12 in all its glory. Awesome.

The FRAG-12 in all its glory.

Check out the AA-12 in action (bonus points for the title card reading “Model firing the AA12 is 5 foot 98 pounds”):

So what’s it going to cost to pick one of these bad boys up at Wal-Mart? Uh, you can’t. Full-auto is a no-no. You’re allowed to own and sell/buy any gun made before 1986 (it became illegal to import full-auto firearms after that date), but since these didn’t exist back then you’re SOL. The military buys them on contract, so any price they get is totally arbitrary after defense contracts and volume discounts are taken into account. Basically, when the shit hits the fan, get thee to the armory. Oh, and don’t even THINK about trying to find FRAG-12 rounds on the open market.

Kill Potential:  

Practicality: –it’s a bit on the heavy side…

Style: –I’m torn here. With this thing in your hands you’re like the Rambo of the Apocalypse, it’s just not a very cool design. And yes, that counts.

Value: If you can find one, it’s probably going to be while looting. I’m not sure how many stars that is.

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  1. Calvin says:

    This bullet is so raw how they made and use it. Blam hell yea


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