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There is a Zombie afoot, Watson, I am sure of it.

There is a Zombie afoot, Watson, I am sure of it.

1 Comment 23 November 2009

Well Guy Ritchie is making Sherlock Holmes cool again, so we might as well have him fight zombies right? From DC imprint WildStorm Comics comes Victorian Undead. The first issue just came out and it actually looks pretty awesome. I’ll definitely be picking this up when it hits TPB (that’s Trade Paper Back for all you non-comic geeks). If you can’t wait, hit your local comic book store and mix it up with the nicest, nerdiest dudes on the planet.

Here’s how I’d envision it:

Holmes took to the window, immediately drew his conclusion, and cast a concerned glance back at me. “When the life is gone from a man and no blood courses through his veins and no pain is felt in his limbs there remains but one target perhaps vulnerable to the skilled marksman.”

“I’m sorry, Holmes. I don’t quite follow.”

“The head, Watson. Aim for the head.”

Props to TV’s Patrick Schumacker for telling me about this.

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